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Monday, 22 November 2010

Only 1 week to go!!

Only 1 week to go until the doors open for Vintage at the Village Hall in Pamphill, near Wimborne Minster!
The time's simply flown since my first post telling you I'd booked the hall!

In answer to the questions you've asked. . .

The hall will be open for setting-up from 7.30am.

Quite a lot of dealers have asked me about early trade entry. I very much appreciate trade coming to buy, but I feel early entry is not right for this fair. The fair opens to all at 10 a.m

Double stalls have two 6ft tables and as many chairs as you need. There's also room for a card table and clothes rail.
Single stalls have one 6ft table and as many chairs as you need. There's also room for a small card table OR small clothes rail.

If you want to bring items of furniture or something that might not fit on your stall, I'll try my hardest find a space for it SOMEWHERE in the hall. There's a small raised stage which I've kept free for "extras", so if you have room in the car bring it along!

Tables should be covered with cloths that reach to the floor.
As this is a vintage event, all clothing on the rails should be at least pre 1990s
The ladies toilets will probably be used as a changing room, and I'll put a full-length mirror in there

I was originally planning to provide light lunches from the kitchen, but with only a guesstimate of people who might want food, I've decided to stick just to drinks and homemade cakes.
If you have any other questions please phone or email me directly.

Interest in the fair so far has exceeded all my expectations and it looks like being a REALLY fab day!

Look forward to seeing you :)))

Friday, 19 November 2010

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Random jewellery. . .and an Open Day!!

Gill, with her RANDOM jewellery and craft company

makes eye-catching and VERY wearable jewellery
using handmade motifs
and vintage beads and buttons

She also makes exquisitely hand-crafted accessories
that follow fashion trends, but with a
little "individual twist" to set them apart from the crowd!

19th and 20th NOVEMBER 11am - 8pm
for more details 01202 601356

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Red and White :)

Wanting to get as many tasks out of the way before The Day (only 2 weeks to go!!) I started thinking (as you do) about a colour scheme for my stall that gave a nod towards Christmas, without going overboard on glitz 'n' gold.

Not having set up shop for such a long time, I confess I'm feeling a tad apprehensive about re-creating the "look" that used to flow so effortlessly twice a week on my round of regular fairs.

Rummaging through the linen cupboard for inspiration I found the scrumptous string of  polka-dot and shabby floral bunting that I won in the Winnibriggshouse Giveaway earlier this year.

Handmade by Jenny, it even has my name embroidered on it, so how perfect is that. . .and what better colour scheme to use on the stall than red and white!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Vintage Lizzie

Liz Drake is a textile addict! 
Working mainly in the West Country at Vintage Fashion and Textile Fairs, Liz has a passion for woven and printed Paisley Shawls, quilts, patchwork, lace, embroideries  and  buttons.
  With an eye for all things French she makes regular trips with Linda (who is also selling) to buy linen, lace and trimmings.
Liz is also a mixed media and textile artist, incorporating antique textiles and lace into her work and dying fabrics and threads to use in contemporary quilt making.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Flyers..Cards..Posters..Sandwich Boards..Whatever!

If any of you have flyers, business cards, brochures. . .indeed any written details of events, fairs, shops or websites that you run, and you would like me to put them out on the tea tables at the Vintage Fair for people to take, please either send them to me (contact email on the sidebar and I'll send you my address) or bring them with you to the Village Hall on the day.

Monday, 1 November 2010


OK, here's the conundrum:

Vintage at the Village Hall is the first fair I've held. . .
the very first Vintage Fair in Wimborne. . .
DEFINITELY the first fair of its kind in our Village Hall. . .
and the first time I've sold home-made cakes

12 lovely sellers
3000 flyers distributed
posters displayed everywhere
adverts in the papers
blog and website mentions

Soooo. . .how many cakes will we sell??

Here's the home-bake menu:
lavender muffins
Dundee fruit cake
mincemeat traybake
sticky lemon drizzle cake
(and a dash to the Farm Shop Tearooms if we run out!) 

and here's THE GIVEAWAY!!

The fab book A YEAR in FASHION is the
 VINTAGE at the VILLAGE HALL Giveaway prize. . .
its an absolutely stunning  hardback book
 set in a "diary" style, giving a fashion-themed quote
and contemporary or vintage fashion photograph
 for every day of the year.
Our adored heroine Audrey Hepburn
gazes iconically from the front cover in Tiffany pose.

(have you ever before seen cakes and Audrey in the same sentence?!)

All you have to do is leave a comment here to say
how many portions of cake we will
sell on the day of the fair
(I say sell because we won't count what Ted eats!)

If you would like to follow the Vintage at the Village Hall blog,
put the Giveaway on your sidebar
or write a post with a link to this site,
that would be very much appreciated.

This Giveaway is open to everyone
and I'm happy to ship Overseas.

Closing date midnight 28th November
(the day before the fair)

Good luck everyone! xx